Friday, September 16, 2011

A Chinese Village

Below is a joke on Chinese economy that is currently being circulated widely on Chinese social networks: 

There is a village that only has one restaurant. Everyone in the village has to eat at that restaurant. ?

Villager: Why cant we have more than one restaurant??
Waiter: Our village is in a stage of development where more than one restaurant can lead to chaos, so we only have one restaurant. ?

Villager: But the food here is really not good!?
Waiter: Our restaurant has only been developing for a short time. Even if the food tasted worse than this, at least its our own food! ?

Villager: But cant it be a little cheaper??
Waiter: That would not suit the conditions of our village; the restaurant also needs to develop.?
Villager: But the employees of the restaurant are all driving Mercedes Benz cars!
Waiter: To ensure fair and uncorrupt staff, you need to pay them high salaries.?

Villager: But last year, you lent all the profits of the restaurant to another village.?
Waiter: This is the village policy, you dont need to worry about it. ?

Villager: I heard that the guy in charge of purchasing took all the money for buying vegetables and ran away to another village. ?
Waiter: That type of employee is very rare. ?

Villager: What about that time when we found sand inside the steamed buns? ?
Waiter: Dont worry, we have already fired that chef, he didnt have the right qualifications. ?

Villager: So when weve got so many problems, why do you still hang up certificates of high quality? Why do you tell oursiders that everyone is eating so well? ?
Waiter: For whose interests are you speaking? What a waste that the village has raised you!?
Villager: The grain was grown by the peasant farmers, the restaurant was built by the workers, and the chef is one of us common people. ?
Waiter: Look at M village taking advantage of L village! M Village is really hegemonistic.?
Villager: I cant even get a decent meal, what do these other things have to do with me? Why dont other villages have all these problems we have here? ?
Waiter: Whenever you talk about yourself, you can only say only bad things, when you talk about others, you say everything is good. You village traitor!